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Soil and Foliar Lab


The soil and foliar lab belongs to the Area of soils fertility and crops nutrition that is constituted by a group of researchers dedicated to generate new information about the fertility and management of the soils of the country and about the nutrition of diverse crops that grow up on them, as the lab level as the greenhouse and field.

In the soil and foliar lab all chemical analysis is done related to the nutrition of the crops, for researching and teaching and, since several years ago, the service of the country agricultural producer’s analysis is offered.

It has been applying some analysis of soils, foliar, means and waters that are employed to make nutritional diagnosis in the production systems and also to analyze the quality of the organic fertilizers and fertilizers that are used to correct the nutritional problems of the crops.

Besides all the range of internal controls that have been implemented in the Lab to ensure the quality of the results, it participates in the national program to exchange the samples PINAS and PINAF and the international program of Wageningen University in Netherland called WEPAL.

When providing the analysis used as tools for the nutritional diagnosis, it has been fostered the development of the precise agriculture in which it is pretended to take advantage of the sources according to the real necessities in each site. When analyzing the quality of the products used to correct the nutritional problems, it has constituted the selection of better options.

Current Infrastructure

Equipos LSF

There is a sample reception area, a preparing and drying area, a lab to perform digestions, and analysis, and an area to process data.

Also, there are some green houses to execute biological proofs. To make analysis, there is analytic, instrumental and high-tech equipment in the Soil and Foliar Lab such as digestion microwaves, atomic absorption spectrometers, atomic emission spectrometer with plasma, self-analyzer of nitrogen, and analyzer flow injection.

System Quality Management

The Soil and Foliar Lab works under a system of quality management established according to the Norm INTE-ISO/IEC 17025:2005 general requirements for the competition of the rehearsal essay and calibration. Currently, it has essays accredited by the Ente Costarricense de Acreditación (ECA) in the areas of foliar and organic fertilizers (see alcance de acreditación Nº LE-033 guaranteeing high-quality standards to improve the national agricultural sector.