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Agricultural Microbiology

A brief description of the area

The microbiology lab was founded in 1981 and it is dedicated to the use of microbial activities in the agricultural field to reduce the risks of environment pollution which let a better use of the sources.

The soil microorganisms make up a very important functional element in the agriculture to be responsible of the processes related to the nutrients cycle and the plant’s nutrition and health.

In the lab, it has been isolated, evaluated, and selected strains that are used as biofertilizers (Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Azotobacter, etc.), as decomposers of organic matter (Trichoderma, Bacillus, Lactobacillus), silage inoculants (Lactobacillus), agents of biological control (Metarrhizium, Beauveria, Paecelomyces, Verticilium, Heterorhabditis, Steinernema, etc.). The development of these products contribute to an agriculture of low cost and friendly with the environment.

The LMA has participated in the following lines of research:

  • Use of microorganisms to the soil fertility.
  • Use of microorganisms to control illnesses and pests.
  • Determination of the quality and safety of organic fertilizers.
  • Supression of illnesses using organic fertilizers.
  • Study of microbial populations in different agricultural systems.


Dra. Lidieth Uribe Lorío