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Post Harvest Technology


It was created in 1985 achieving the construction of the building and equipment with BID funds in 1994.

Objective of its creation and operation

It provides a solution to the needs of country development, the agriculture diversification and the opening to international markets.

What does the post harvest lab do?

Studies of quality, physiology, and post harvest horticulture, identification of post harvest illnesses, post harvest engineering, and post harvest Phytopathology.
Generate, adapt, transfer knowledge and technology for the post harvest management of fresh agricultural products through research, teaching, social action, training and linking with the external sector of useful life, preserving the quality and safety of the horticultural products consumption.

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Researchers of the Post Hasrvets Lab, Agronomy Research Center, University of Costa Rica

M.Sc. Marco V. Sáenz, coordinator,
M.Sc. Paula Calvo,
PhD. Marta Montero,
PhD. Gerardina Umaña,