Recursos Naturales

Natural Resources



The Natural Resources Laboratory aims to enhance the inventory of the country's soil resources, develop and manage good soil management practices, as well as agricultural and forestry activities as a mechanism to preserve Costa Rica's natural resources.

The team consists of researchers from various areas, such as soil physics, classification, and conservation, as well as nutrition of forest species. The Laboratory incorporates high-quality and technically useful analyses related to the physical properties of soils, hydrological behavior, and mechanical characteristics. Additionally, it provides user assistance in terms of interpreting and using the results appropriately.

Furthermore, the NLR collaborates with various institutions in the agricultural and environmental sectors, generating research projects, offering soil mapping expertise, supporting community-based projects, and fostering partnerships for university education.


M.Sc. Rafael Mata Coordinador LRN,

UCR Professor, Soil Genesis and Classification

Soil Mapping and Land Classification