Mision, Vision and Objetives

Purpose, Aspiration and Strategic Axes


We are a Research Center of the UCR that contributes to the sustainable development of agricultural production systems through basic and applied research, teaching, social action, external links and technology transfer.


To be a leading research center in the generation and dissemination of knowledge, produced with the highest values, which promotes the sustainable development of agro-productive systems through innovative technologies and the sale of goods and services.

Strategic Axes

1. Academic excellence: Promote continuous high-level training of the Center's academic staff to promote research, social action and teaching.

2. Generation of knowledge: Develop basic and applied research that generates knowledge, materialized in publications, teaching, goods and services in the search for novel solutions.

3. Knowledge transfer: Strengthen the mechanisms for the transfer, exchange, dissemination and dissemination of the results of the CIA's work, guaranteeing access to information and technology.

4. Internationalization: Encourage the participation of CIA staff in international activities such as congresses, exchanges, internships, agreements, research projects and thematic networks.

5. Social inclusion and equity: Strengthen the effective access of small producers to science and technology in the agri-food area, taking into account the needs from their diversity.

6. Institutional management: Enhance relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, financial sustainability and transparency based on the work of the CIA.