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Ph.D. Saborío Pozuelo Francisco


  • Gómez-Alpizar, L.; Saalau, E.; Picado, I.; Tambong, J.T.; Saborío, F. 2011. A PCR-RFLP assay for identification and detection of Pythium myriotylum, causal agent of the cocoyam root rot disease. Letters in Applied Microbiology 52 (3):185-192.
  • Silvia Artavia, Lidieth Uribe, Francisco Saborío, Luis Felipe Arauz y Leida Castro 2010. Efecto de la aplicación de abonos orgánicos en la supresión de pythium myriotylum en plantas de tiquizque (Xanthosoma sagittifolium). Agronomìa Costarricense 34 (1):17-29.
  • I. Picado (1), J. Tambong(2), F. Saborío (1), L. Gómez (1) 2010. Phylogenetic analysis of Pythium myriotylum isolates from cocoyam and other host crops based on cytochrome oxidase I & II and ?-Tubulin gene sequences. Proceedings of International Society for Tropical Root Crops.
  • Kloepper, J.W., Saborío, F., Bustamante, E., Polston, J.E., Sánchez, E. and Umaña, G. 2010. FERN DISTORTION SYNDROME OF LEATHERLEAF FERN IN COSTA RICA: SYMPTOMS, INCIDENCE AND SEVERITY. Plant Disease 94 (8): 940-951
  • Saborío, F. 2007. Cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott). In: Breeding of Neglected and Underutilized Crops, Species and Herbs. S.Ochatt and M. Jain, eds. Science Publishers. Pp 171-188.
  • Perneel M., Tambong J., Amajana A., Floren C., Lévesque A., Saborío F., Höfte M. 2006. Intraespecific variability of Pythium myriotylum isolated from cocoyam and other host crops. Mycological Research 110 (5):583-893.